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Re: L4-hurd discuss

From: Neil Santos
Subject: Re: L4-hurd discuss
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 16:10:29 +0800
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On 09:07 25/06/05, Benno wrote:

> >Personally, I don't want a GNU/*BSD system, or, at least, I'd still
> >like a purely GNU system.  It's simple enough, really: I'm selfish.  I
> >don't want proprietary software developers to keep on doing what they
> >have for decades: taking BSD-licensed software and using it to enhance
> >their own.  I only want to share with those who'll share with me, as
> >well.
> Umm, you do realise that L4::Pistachio is made available to you under
> a BSD-style license not the GPL right?

But that L4::Pistachio isn't the whole kernel (well, technically, it
is, but it's not much of a kernel with the Hurd); UIM, Matthew was
talking about a GNU system with a kernel from one of the BSDs, not
just a kernel licensed under a BSD-style license.
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