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Re: L4-hurd discuss

From: Neil Santos
Subject: Re: L4-hurd discuss
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 03:38:08 +0800
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On 20:45 23/06/05, Matthew Dempsky wrote:

> > Isn't this just a bit of an understatement?  UIM, more often than not,
> > Linus and RMS aren't even looking in the same general direction.
> Fine, it's irrelevant either way though.

It is, isn't it?

> > As for OpenSolaris, well...  If its source would
> > be made available using a free versioning system, stayed away from
> > including proprietary hardware drivers, and was licensed under any of
> > the licenses the FSF considers free, then it *will* fit the spirit of
> > the FSF's goals better than Linux.
> That's a big if.  Wouldn't it be better to just use a BSD kernel?
> Debian has demonstrated this is feasible.
As you've noticed, it *is* feasible; it has proven to be feasible,
because efforts at coming up with a GNU/FreeBSD system is already well
under way.  A GNU/Linux system is also feasible; the fact that
hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of individuals and groups
already use a derivative of the base GNU/Linux system is more than
enough proof.

Personally, I don't want a GNU/*BSD system, or, at least, I'd still
like a purely GNU system.  It's simple enough, really: I'm selfish.  I
don't want proprietary software developers to keep on doing what they
have for decades: taking BSD-licensed software and using it to enhance
their own.  I only want to share with those who'll share with me, as

But I'm not speaking for the FSF.  According to the GNU/Linux FAQ:

Q: Why not just say "Linux is the GNU kernel" and release some
   existing version of GNU/Linux under the name "GNU"?

A: It might have been a good idea to adopt Linux as the GNU kernel
   back in 1992. If we had realized, then, how long it would take to
   get the GNU Hurd to work, we might have done that. (Alas, that is
   hindsight.) Today, with the GNU Hurd working, it would not make
   sense to do this. We don't want to release a GNU/Linux system as
   "GNU", because we are getting ready to package and release the real
   GNU system.

   There is another reason why we don't want to take some existing
   version of GNU/Linux and relabel it as "GNU": that would be
   somewhat like making a version the GNU system and labeling it

I guess you could substitute `Linux' with `<your choice of BSD's
kernel here>', and be done.

UIM, the GNU Hurd FAQ has a Q/A set that's closer to your question,
but I can't find my copy, and I'm too lazy to look for it on the Web.
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