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Re: L4::Pistachio 0.3 and Bochs

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: L4::Pistachio 0.3 and Bochs
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 17:56:10 +0100
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Today, 46 minutes, 33 seconds ago, Apurva Mehta wrote:
> After digging a bit more I find that this new error is just another
> form of the same exception that was displayed originally. The exact
> exception as it appears in the log is :
> "[CPU  ] exception(): 3rd (13) exception with no resolution"

Oh, I don't have this one. ;-)

> Also, the CVS version I am using is of September 30th, 2003. The same
> one that you are using. I have tried the precompiled boot disks of
> both pistachio 0.2 and pistachio 0.3 with no luck.
> I think that there might be an error due to my .bochsrc file. Could
> you send me yours?

There's nothing special about my .bochsrc I think.

> Also are there any special flags you used while compiling bochs?

Here is how I compiled it (on GNU/Linux):

  ./configure --enable-4meg-pages --enable-plugins --enable-cpu-level=6 
--enable-fast-function-calls --enable-global-pages --enable-readline 
--enable-all-optimizations --enable-vbe --enable-mmx --enable-3dnow 
--enable-sse=2 --enable-daz --enable-sep --enable-x86-debugger --enable-cdrom 
--enable-iodebug --with-x --with-x11 --with-gnu-ld 

Using this Bochs, both the i586 and the i686 demos from the demo disk
work fine for me.  So this probably is the solution.


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