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L4::Pistachio 0.3 and Bochs

From: Apurva Mehta
Subject: L4::Pistachio 0.3 and Bochs
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 22:29:32 +0530
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I have been trying to get bochs 2.0.2 and L4::Pistachio 0.3 working
together for the last couple of weeks with no success..

Pistachio crashes just as it is about to boot. The guide posted online
by Farid Hajji is quite old and refers to versions of the L4 kernel
and Bochs which are dated.

Currently, I have one floppy image containing grub. I created it by
simply doing a : 

`dd if=stage1 of=boot.img bs=512 && dd if=stage2 of=boot.img bs=512 seek=1`

The second floppy contains the Pistachio binaries. When I run bochs I
get the grub prompt and then I do :


Then it looks as if Pistachio begins to boot before bochs crashes with
the following message:

"[CPU  ] exception(): 3rd (13) exception with no resolution"

What combination of the programs do you guys use to get Bochs and
L4::Pistachio working? 


        - Apurva

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