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Re: L4::Pistachio 0.3 and Bochs

From: Luke Hart
Subject: Re: L4::Pistachio 0.3 and Bochs
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 17:29:44 +0000
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All this talk of Bochs and Pistachio has reminded me that I don't seem to be able to run the pingpong benchmarking app under Bochs (both from the demodisk image and self-compiled ones). L4 boots as far as offering the choice of which form of IPC to test and then once one is select reports "KD# kmem_alloc: out of kernel memory". The version of Bochs I am running is the latest from CVS (but I have tried others) with the configure command line Ludovic specified in his e-mail. The same behaviour does not happen when the same images are run on real hardware.

To try and debug this I enabled DEBUG_KMEM and CONFIG_VERBOSE_INIT (I also added some debugging of my own) and attempted to run pingpong under bochs, which produced the attached log. From the log it does seem to be failing to find any memory (it doesn't fail when I increase the bootmem in the .lds file, but exceptions instead). By putting in trace statements it seems that the problem is occuring in the first L4_ThreadControl call.

The attached log also include a dump of the KIP. Has anyone got any ideas what could be causing this? Just for information i'm running gcc3.3.2 and glibc2.3.2.

Thanks for any help,

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