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Re: Help compiling oskit-mach

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Help compiling oskit-mach
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 12:45:27 +0200 (MEST)

   Ok. I'm now subscribed. My apologies for the delay in this
   response, I've been learning the proper care and feeding of Volvo
   automobiles as my summer wanes and the snow clouds build somewhere
   over the horizon :-)

We all know that Saab is better then Volvo!

   Oh just the GNU site, http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/l4-hurd.html
   I think there is a Savannah site similar to sourceforge too, but
   lost track of it (or could be confused with gnumach/hurd)

That web-page is not linked from anywhere at hurd.gnu.org.  And as
such it is dead, no used, not talked about, etc.

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