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Re: Help compiling oskit-mach

From: B. Douglas Hilton
Subject: Re: Help compiling oskit-mach
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 20:27:59 -0400
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Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

Nobody who has ever worked seriously on GNU/Hurd on L4 has spent his time
writing web pages about it.

The first "documentation" if you can call it was Neals VM slides, and now
the hurd-on-l4.tex document in the hurd-l4 source tree module of the hurd
CVS repository.  Of course the mails on this maiing list are also relevant.

I am now starting at bootstrapping the implementation.  That means that
there is code, but it is not much yet and most of it is definitely not in
its final form.  I try to write as much as needed quickly to get
bootstrapped, so that everybody can work on the parts they want to work on,
while still having some sort of platform where things can be tried out.

Hmm. Perhaps I could help out here. I wrote and developed the greater portion of my company's corporate website which is here -> http://www.dressercouplings.com and I rather like making websites and such. There is some pretty cutting edge usage of cascading style sheets at the site
above which made me kind of feel like an innovator for once :-)

I have a small webserver running on my Debian GNU/Linux StrongARM based Netwinder machine which utilizes PHP for spiffy tricks, and I'm long overdue to rewrite it. I'll make a preliminary L4-Hurd page when I do so as a prototype to run on an official server somewhere else. My own little box is at -> http://www.gyrodynamic.net but it is NAT'ted so may not work through some firewalls.

By that time we have hopefully crossed a line where you can start to do
something useful while focussing on some individual smallish sub project of
the whole, rather than being lost in the non-existence of it.
Excellent! Hey nice to hear from you again Marcus. I've been down and out lately. I seem to have developed Diabetes and didn't know it so I was pretty sick for the last couple years. I'm feeling a lot better now that I know what is going on and hope to get back into it! Currently working on my Debian application which I should be doing right now, so I'll be going for now.

Later Daze!

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