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Re: patch and request

From: Bas Wijnen
Subject: Re: patch and request
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 17:54:09 +0200
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> > To try some things out, I want to make a boot floppy which starts, for
> > example, the "demo system" mentioned in wortel/README.
> This is by all means trivial to achieve.  Just install grub on a floppy,
> with an appropriate menu.lst file, and put all required files on the floppy.

I was more referring to the compilation process.  There's no autogen.sh and
no INSTALL file.  I noticed that the file named README actually is what I was
looking for, except that it doesn't say that you need automake1.7 (not sure
what you need, but 1.4 is not enough)

Furthermore, a short description of where to get L4 and how to compile it
would be nice, although not really necessary.

And I'm sure I have read in at least two places that the order in which
grub loads the modules is very important, but it isn't mentioned in the
README file.

> Peter send me his excellent bochs setup, which I now use:  You boot grub
> from bochs, and set it up to fetch the menu.lst file over a virtual
> ethernet card (tunnel device) from the network via tftp.  All files are also
> "downloaded" via tftp.  So, what I do to test a new version is to
> "sudo cp wortel /tftpboot/bochs" and then press the reset button in the
> bochs window.

Sounds interesting.  I'll see if I can set that up.

> Please submit patches made with "-p" option to diff, so we can see the
> function names here, too.

I'm not really skilled in making patches.  I used "cvs diff" to make this
one.  What would be the command to generate the patch as it should be?

Bas Wijnen

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