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Re: Development meeting 20211203

From: Libor Polčák
Subject: Re: Development meeting 20211203
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2021 10:24:28 +0100
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Hello Giorgio and others,

I tested with a Firefox 94 (I also tried in an old Debian ESR with the same 
behaviour but I did not go through all the steps below) profile without any 
extensions. I built JSR from pagure f9d6045. After double clicking on the crab 
image in options.html, I see the default configuration:

        "version": 2.9,
        "__default__": "2",
        "custom_levels": {},
        "domains": {}

I double checked that the firefox_JSR.zip contains 
3ee70aa3a34a98ea5079f924b253271729aa1357; levels.js lines 760-764:
        var new_default_level = res["__default__"];
        if (new_default_level === undefined || new_default_level === null || 
!(new_default_level in levels)) {
                setDefaultLevel(new_default_level = L2);
        default_level = Object.assign({is_default: true}, 

I also checked the developer console of the extension -> debugger -> levels.js 

I visit a page like https://www.fit.vutbr.cz/~ipolcak/jsr/iframe/iframe2.html 
in my case (the URL should not matter).

When I open pop up, I see:
* Refresh button disabled (expected),
* Default level set (expected),
* string "- undefined" in the level description field (a bug?),
* no tweak level button (a bug?),
* when I open the pop up for the first time after page load, I can see that 
fingerprinting protections moves from the ON position to the OFF position (when 
I close and re-open the pop up, the slider stays on the ON position) - a bug?

When I change the level to any number (say "1"), the level description field is updated 
according to the selected level and the "Tweak for this site" button appears (expected).

I do not click on the refresh button and click outside the pop up so the browser closes 
the pop up. The status icon still shows "2" because it is the default level 
(probably expected but may be revisited based on the behaviour below).

When I reopen the pop up,
* the status icon level number changes to a previously selected but not yet applied level 
("1" in my case) - a bug?,
* refresh button is disabled but level "1" is selected (a bug, currently 
applied level used to be displayed; we can also display the selected but not yet applied 
level but then the refresh button should be enabled),
* when I open the pop up for the first time after page load, I can see that 
fingerprinting protections moves from the ON position to the OFF position (when 
I close and re-open the pop up, the slider stays on the ON position) - a bug?

I click on the tweak for this site button and change time precision from 1 to 3:
* refresh button is still disabled (a bug?),
* after I close the pop up and re-open it, the time precision is reset to 1 (a 

When I refresh the page, I can see that the time precision is set to 1 (a 
bug?). When I open the pop up, the fingerprinting protection slider is ON.

When I go to https://www.fit.vutbr.cz/~ipolcak/firefox_csp_bug/csp.php, level 1 
seems to be applied for the time stamps (the last digit is always 0. Sometimes, 
but not always after a visited page change, I can see that the fingerprinting 
protection slider moves from ON to OFF after I open the pop up for the first 
time on the page.

When I visit options.html page and let the browser show the configuration, I 

        "version": 2.9,
        "__default__": "2",
        "custom_levels": {},
        "domains": {
                "fit.vutbr.cz": {
                        "level_id": "1"

A bug because the change to the time precision did not apply?

- Default levels that are set now show up in the description in the popup.

When I reset the level to default, I again see "- undefined" label in the level 
description. The change does not seem to work. Am I missing something?

- Fixed long standing bug that fixes functionality of the extension after 
update without reloading.

I did not check but it seems to me that this actually breaks the part when I expected 
that level "2" will be shown in the status icon until I reload the page. Do we 
want to show the currently applied level or the level that will be applied after the page 
is loaded.

- Cleaned label names with optional descriptions.

This works perfectly, thanks. We might need to tweak the text and slider 
positioning depending on the length of the description.

- Double checking that the changes to the new GUI actually make changes.

For my actions above *I* expected:

* The label "- unknown" never shows as the level description,
* The "tweak for this site" button should be always (on normal pages) enabled,
* The fingerprinting protection slider should be always set to a ON or OFF 
depending on its status.
* The status button shows currently applied level.
* The refresh button should be enabled whenever the UI shows different level 
than the one currently applied.
* The level tweaking should work and actually change the wrappings and 
propagate to the stored settings.
* The refresh button should be enabled when a user tweaks the level.

Additional decision to think about: what level should the status icon show when 
the user tweaks the level? Maybe we should completely drop the number, simplify 
the code and avoid long discussions? We can also replace the level number with 
number of blocked calls or a different information.

Please, let me know if I miss something.


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