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Re: New GUI comments, 0.6, rebranding and more

From: Giorgio Maone
Subject: Re: New GUI comments, 0.6, rebranding and more
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2021 00:09:11 +0100
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Hi Libor,

On 23/11/21 17:01, Libor Polčák wrote:
>> Giorgio, I cannot see the button to view detailed configuration in
>> the pop up. I can only see a text "- undefined" in the position where
>> it should probably be.

It doesn't seem to be a regression from recent changes, but a previously
unnoticed message serialization bug.

I've just fixed in in

Speaking of unnoticed bugs, as a part of the tweakings UI work last week
I had fixed the one preventing the popup from being usable on already
loaded tabs when the extensions gets updated, which was especially
annoying when developing/testing/debugging.

> We should add different group names. We currently display strings that
> are meant for developers. I guess that users will be confused by names
> like hardware, plugins and others.



Giorgio Maone

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