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New GUI comments, 0.6, rebranding and more

From: Libor Polčák
Subject: New GUI comments, 0.6, rebranding and more
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2021 12:21:20 +0100
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Hello all,

I added an option to access the configuration of the extension in the option 
page (options.html). To view or modify the configuration, load the page and 
double click on the crab. Make sure to save a valid configuration, there are no 
validation checks as this is meant to be used by developers who know what they 
are doing. This option is available on pagure in master and fpd2 branches.

Giorgio, I cannot see the button to view detailed configuration in the pop up. I can only 
see a text "- undefined" in the position where it should probably be.

Giorgio and all others, since 0.5.3 (b00291a) JSR displays full level names in 
the pop up. fpd2 branch reverted to displaying just the numbers. Is this revert 
a good one or not? JSR displays text names to avoid some confusion that I saw 
in the issues by the users.

When I go to Specific domain configuration page (options_domains.html) or look 
at the git log, I do not see any changes. It used to be that all the 
configuration was accessible from the options and some quick adjustments could 
have been done in the pop up. I think that we should keep this approach. What 
do you think?

When Firefox is running on a very narrow screen, it does not display the pop up 
correctly (this is true not only for JShelter but also for other extensions). 
Maybe we should swap the configuration icon and the crab icon in the pop up. If 
we keep the options_domains.html in sync with the pop up and the option page is 
accessible for the user, the extension behaviour tweaking can be done even on 
these devices.

Do we want to have fingerprinting detection and NBS a part of a level or do we 
want to display them separately.

I proposed a schedule for rebranding 

1a-I Deploy the web https://jshelter.org/.

1a-II Make sure that all changes from https://polcak.github.io/jsrestrictor/ 
are on the new page as well.
   It used to be in sync and it is easy to check.

1b. Move repository to JShelter.
   Do we want to use JS-Shield or JShelter pagure repository? AFAIK only me and 
Ruben are registered to receive e-mails from JShleter activities like bug 
reports. https://jshelter.org/ links to JSelter pagure repository.

2. Fix the links in the codebase to point to the rebranded web/repo.
   This needs checking.

3. Deploy redirects from Github to the new pages.
   Not started.

4a. Rewrite all strings like JSR, JS Restrictor, JavaScript Restrictor in the 
code base to JShelter.
   Not started.

4b. Change the name of the extension in stores with the 0.6 release: when we 
have new GUI, fingerprint blocker (fpd branch).
   This will be done during release.

I can do tasks 2, 3, and 4 so that we can rebrand for 0.6 as planned.



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