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Re: Development Meeting 20211022

From: Giorgio Maone
Subject: Re: Development Meeting 20211022
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2021 21:55:02 +0200
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Apologies for not having been able to attend: unfortunately I've been trapped in an unexpected situation.

Two items I would have liked to discuss:
  1. What's the best way to contribute now, after the migration to the jShelter repositories (which I've got no commit rights on)? I already have a couple patches for issues I've found while working on a different but related project
  2. UI directions taking in account the frame issues we stop-gapped by cascading the top document level

#1 I believe can be settled by email.

Maybe a meeting works better for #2. If you prefer I could try to join in the design one next Friday.

Thanks and best

-- G

On 22/10/21 17:32, Michael McMahon wrote:
- Most of the issues that users were facing have been solved.
- Focusing on new additions for 0.6 and new wrappers.
- Maybe an issue about number representation in the icon.  We can try some things and see if there is another way.  Maybe the current levels would not make sense at the UI continues to change.
- Gaining popularity.  Contacted by local radio station for interviews.  The link and recording might be a good addition for the website about press hits.
- Current user statistics?  1054 Firefox users.  Chrome probably 2000-4000 users.
- Not sure about opera.  Tried to write them in the chat because they are not updating the releases.  No response after multiple contacts.
- FSF branding question.
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Giorgio Maone

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