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Re: Development Meeting 20211022

From: Libor Polčák
Subject: Re: Development Meeting 20211022
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2021 13:11:43 +0200
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Apologies for not having been able to attend: unfortunately I've been trapped 
in an unexpected situation.

Two items I would have liked to discuss:

 1. What's the best way to contribute now, after the migration to the jShelter 
repositories (which I've got no commit rights on)? I already have a couple 
patches for issues I've found while working on a different but related project

ATM you can continue to commit to a special branch in the JS-Shield pagure 
repository, send me a notification and I will merge that to master or ask some 
questions. Does this work for you?

In the long term, we should decide how to continue. AFAIK Ruben is the only 
"admin" of both repos on pagure. Ruben, can you give me the permissions to add 
people to the JShelter repository?

 2. UI directions taking in account the frame issues we stop-gapped by 
cascading the top document level

#1 I believe can be settled by email.

Maybe a meeting works better for #2. If you prefer I could try to join in the 
design one next Friday.

Yes, I think that this Friday could work, or you can send the issues to the 
mail or we can do both. I think I can see issues like a user turns the 
extension off but one of the iframes loads a page with a different level. 
Another issue is TLD window on level A, iframe on level B that contains another 
iframe. Should the level of the inner-most iframe be A or B?



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