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Re: Development Meeting 20211022

From: Giorgio Maone
Subject: Re: Development Meeting 20211022
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2021 01:44:42 +0200
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Hi Libor,

I'm working here:


There's 1 startup reliability improvement and 1 spoofability fix (see
the difference at https://noscript.net/test/jShelter/ )

Let's talk about frames and UI in general at the design meeting.

-- G

On 27/10/21 23:33, Giorgio Maone wrote:
> On 25/10/21 13:11, Libor Polčák wrote:
>> ATM you can continue to commit to a special branch in the JS-Shield
>> pagure repository, send me a notification and I will merge that to
>> master or ask some questions. Does this work for you?
> That's all right, thanks.
>> I. I think I can see issues like a user turns the extension off but
>> one of the iframes loads a page with a different level. 
> I'll look into it.
>> Another issue is TLD window on level A, iframe on level B that
>> contains another iframe. Should the level of the inner-most iframe be
>> A or B?
> It should be level A (inheriting from top document) IMHO, because the
> rationale for cascading is that (in current versions) you cannot "see"
> frames and their domains in the contextual UI, hence you could not
> modify the level of a "broken" iframe which is set to DEFAULT (or even
> know you need to). All you can do to "fix" things is changing the top
> level and propagating to any DEFAULT frame, hoping for the best.

Giorgio Maone

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