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[Janosik-devel] homogeneous

From: Connie Gregory
Subject: [Janosik-devel] homogeneous
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 10:00:42 +0200

He fairly ran to the kitchen, reappearing almost at once with anotherbowl.
I congratulate you on keen deduction you performed that morning in thestudy, Charlie said. Carried it with her wherever she went, eh? It is, my dearSing, the reddest necktie the eyes of man have seen. Like ol time, chuckled Sing, patting him on the back. Ireckon, when I come to think of it, Id forgive you for almost anything. And can we send back an armful of apple-blossoms?
Cash would explain to you that you neednt go.
Cash would explain to you that you neednt go. Romano is sly and clever, repeated Charlie. He moved close to the old man, and in a low confidential voice, he spokefor some ten minutes.
There conditions appeared to be somewhatchaotic. But hetold me to go back to bed, and forget it. Youd better look into thematter when you get to Pineview. Any time a girl like you comes to a hotel, ought to be some sort ofcelebration.
I guess there aint much doubt hellbe there, waiting for us. You will denounce me bitterly when I tell you, Chan replied.
Anyhow, he added more calmly, Ido not know the name.
There was a tagon it, tellin what it was for. Chan said good-by toSam Holt and hurried toward the pier.
Whenit came to brightening the day and atoning for the weather, Cash tooksecond place to no man.
Do you know that Doctor Swan was murdered in that house last night? And in my room last night, he said, you, yourself, hinted at knowingsomething, too. An if you cave in on thpoint, I reckon I kin cave with you.
It seems that you and I arerather out of things, Mr. It seems Romano is already intouch with them.
An here hes been all mornin, stirrin up hivin knows what. Theres a wire from Madames attorneys in New York askingme if it is true she never signed the will.
Temperamental artists were not in the sheriffs line. Inside, they found Sings statements somewhat inaccurate. I says to him, Sing brought youblankets, I says, to wrap about Landini. I will not stay in this house anotherday.

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