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[Janosik-devel] knickknack

From: Becky Deleon
Subject: [Janosik-devel] knickknack
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 22:22:35 +0200

Thus they obtained a list of the clergy who wereacting as spies for the government. I am going to die, and indespair, since I shall not see you again.
No sooner had the gaoler moved away thanVanina flung herself on Missirillis bosom.
The young man said to him with a laugh:Why, Monsignor, do not you recognise Vanina Vanini?
Come and see me, and if God is to call me toHimself, I shall die happy in your arms.
The trial of the carbonari from Forli did not take long. Vanina sank down on a chair, half unconscious, and plunged in the mostagonizing grief.
When her tale was finished:All this is nothing, said Vanina: I have done more, in my love foryou.
Never have you seemed so adorable, she cried; yes, my littlecountry surgeon, I am yours for ever. He would have succeeded hut for the gaoler, who came running at thesound of her cries. I swear to keep your secret, and, if youinsist on it, I will never come again. He would have succeeded hut for the gaoler, who came running at thesound of her cries.
A moment later the Ministertook a chocolate drop from a comfit box. Destroy, crush the scoundrel who hasbetrayed us, even if he should be my own father. I will take them both into my service, said the young Princeimpulsively. Once, about midnight, he thought he could see someone inthe dark on the terrace: was it Vanina? Our venuta was surprised; I wasbrought, in chains, from the Romagna to Rome.
Vanina came each night to press her face against the panes of theyoung carbonaros window. However that may be, thislady, whose name must never be uttered, saved my life.
Withoutanswering Missirilli, she offered him these. ThoseRoman Princes, whom I despise as citizens, have so many advantagesover me!
All sounds had long ceased; Vanina was absorbed in her sombrethoughts.
I am going to send to fetch him, replied Vanina. The day before yesterday, I liedwhen I said that my name was Clementina; I am an unhappy carbonaro.
The words he had now utteredstruck a fatal spark in her mind.
Yourmeeting this evening can do without you.

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