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Re: [Jailkit-users] Stuck on OpenBSD4.1

From: l3d
Subject: Re: [Jailkit-users] Stuck on OpenBSD4.1
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 14:37:59 -0500

Ok have made it a little further... Thanks for the help so far....  I
have posted my current log issue...  (the location of sftp-server is
correct for OpenBSD).

1:Question... According to sftp-server man page... it should not be
called directly, but should only use the subsystem option....(I tried
changing the subsystem path in sshd_config..but nothing)
2:Also jk_lsh won't let an interactive shell start(awesome) but how to
start a subsystem from a bin that is not allowed to start inside the

I know I am so close to getting your software suite working I can smell it.

Jul 25 09:29:09 SPAT sshd[7412]: Accepted password for admin from ::1
port 42626 ssh2
Jul 25 09:29:09 SPAT sshd[17764]: subsystem request for sftp
Jul 25 09:29:09 SPAT jk_chrootsh[16674]: now entering jail /home/jail
for user admin (1000)
Jul 25 13:29:09 SPAT jk_lsh[16674]: jk_lsh version 2.4, started
Jul 25 13:29:09 SPAT jk_lsh[16674]: executing command
'/usr/libexec/sftp-server' for user admin (1000)

Thanks again for the help

Going to try ktrace again to see if I am missing something at this level...

On 7/24/07, Olivier Sessink <address@hidden> wrote:
l3d wrote:
> Ok..... I'm stuck... please help if you've seen this before.
> OS:  OpenBSD4.1
> ive used all the instructions and created a jail, modified all the
> injail password files, modified the jk_lsh.ini, created the users,
> assigned the correct home directory premissions...
> the authlog ends in:
> Jul 23 17:56:56 test sshd[21289]: Accepted password for admin from ::1
> port 1275 ssh2
> Jul 23 17:56:56 test sshd[13345]: subsystem request for sftp
> Jul 23 17:56:56 test jk_chrootsh[7847]: now entering jail /home/jail
> for user admin (1000)

do you have any logging on /home/jail/dev/log ? either syslog or
jk_socketd ? that will probably help.

b.t.w. which jailkit version are you using?


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