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RE: Recovering from Attic

From: Rod Macpherson
Subject: RE: Recovering from Attic
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 08:46:40 -0700

Directories are never removed in CVS so "recovery" is required. I'm
somewhat confused about your objective. If you want to recover modules
(and of course the content) make sure you have a tagging policy that
works for you. You can then "restore" using a checkout and if necessary
check it back in (after you remove the sticky tags with update -A).
Joining is used to rewind changes to the current branch or trunk one
file at a time. It can also be used to apply changes from one branch to
another. I don't think "recovery" is the intended use since CVS tags do
that for you. 

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Subject: Recovering from Attic

I'm new to CVS and have what I hope to be a pretty simple question, if
can recommend any reading materials on it as well I'd be grateful.

Is there a way to recover an entire directory with all of it's contents 
and subdirectories? Right now I know how to recover individual copies of

files with cvs up -j [dead vers] -j [old vers] [filename]. And to
directories with update -d -R [dirname].


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