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RE: question about WinCVS (was Info-cvs Digest, Vol 31, Issue 10)

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: question about WinCVS (was Info-cvs Digest, Vol 31, Issue 10)
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 19:19:21 +1000


This is not the correct group to ask questions about WinCVS.  The WinCVS
message archives are accessible at 
There's also a newsgroup mirror at 

WinCVS fires off the "commit" command to CVSNT command line client.  The
commit will usually fail if there is a "newer" version on the server.

The automatic update before commit feature (which is turned on by
default in TortoiseCVS I think) would potentially mean you merged in
changes without testing them first...
As you may have already worked out - WinCVS uses the CVSNT command line
client - if the problem is more related to that then asking on the CVSNT
newsgroup should get you some answers:

Arthur Barrett

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Subject: RE: Info-cvs Digest, Vol 31, Issue 10


I have a question about WinCVS. 

Is there any way that the user is notified every time he performs a
"Commit" to perform an "Update" before doing that.

Eg: It may ask the user "Are you sure that you want to Commit? Did you
already performed an Update?"

This is a requirement we are having right now, because, in some cases
where there is no conflicts in the source files, there are chances of
overwriting the content.

Pls. respond me if any one knows the answer.


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