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edit document in several branches simultaneously

From: Axel Benz
Subject: edit document in several branches simultaneously
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 13:46:03 +0100

this is a newby question.
I am using CVS with the TortoiseCVS client. This client opens files always
with the 
cvs edit -c
command, which makes sense in my case, because I am working only with binary
files and concurrent editing would lead to unsolvable conflicts.
The problem is that, when the versioning path is branched, with
cvs edit -c mydocument
mydocument is "locked" (better: tagged as being edited) in both branches. 
In my opinion, this does not make sense, since the versions of the document
reside in different branches and can be totally different from each other.

Why behaves CVS like this? Is there a certain sense in it? Can I prevent CVS
from doing so? Or should the client use another command? Which one? Or is
this a bug of the CVS server I am using?

Thank you for hints,


Fraunhofer Institut fuer
Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (IAO)
Dipl. Inf. Axel Benz
Nobelstr. 12
D-70569 Stuttgart
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