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Re: Difficulty connecting to CVS repos from winCVS

From: Yanglong Zhu
Subject: Re: Difficulty connecting to CVS repos from winCVS
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 23:42:37 -0600
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Jim.Hyslop wrote:

Yanglong Zhu [mailto:address@hidden wrote:
Well, now I figured out the culprit of the problem I experienced. It is an undocumented CVS odd behavior caused the problems.
Would you like to share your experience with the list? Maybe someone can
either fix the odd behaviour, or add it to the documentation (so it's no
longer "undocumented" :-)

Thanks to Jim Hyslop's discussion and suggestion. Since I've been busy with other things, I haven't read this mailing list for quite a while.

Yesterday Mark Joseph Francisco sent me an email asking about the solution to the difficulties I had, reminded me to update this mailing list about the solutions.

Like everything I do, I want to have a simple, direct, down-to-the-earth solution. I have been trying to essentially write a minimalistic CVS quick start howto. For me, and everybody else. The CVS quick start howto cuts down the discussions, options, a minimum. Those being cut will be linked to, or referenced. Therefore it is an essential CVS howto, and makes it possible to read a bit and start using CVS system in a hour. But it is in a very early stage, and my experience is very limited. Since now there is at least one sole in the world is eager to get to now what I have done to solve the problem, I am going to make it available on the web. But at the same time I request everyone using my simplified CVS howto to contribute to this effort. Essentially make CVS a popular utility to as many people as possible. Make it popular does not mean to reduce its power, only make its power available to more people. I think, in a way file system should have been constructed in a similar fashion. That's way off the topic. More to the topic is my solution may not address Mark Joseph Francisco's concern, because from his short email I don't really know what the problem was with his setup.

Now here is the address for my user-friendly CVS quick start howto (forum). I set this forum just for this dear CVS issue since I have tried for a long time to set up a workable CVS system, and not until very recently I made it through.

Hope this helps someone setting up CVS systems, or speed up their process of setting up their CVS systems.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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