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Re: edit document in several branches simultaneously

From: Paul Gelderblom \(ptok\)
Subject: Re: edit document in several branches simultaneously
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 22:56:40 +0100

Paul Gelderblom (ptok) wrote:
> >edit -c (regrettably in my opinion) is not a part of the official
> version of
> >CVS which is the subject of this mailing list. There is a patch available

Derek Rober Price wrote:
> Other than that, I have and still do consider that patch to be a great
> idea!  The only reason it isn't part of the CVS source tree yet is that
> no one has come forth to add documentation to doc/cvs.texinfo and test
> cases to src/ yet.  If anyone would like to volunteer to finish
> and submit a new patch, I will be happy to review it.  :)

I checked with Matthew Ogilvie, who earlier published a version of the
advisory locks patch including documentation and test cases.
Matthew writes:
> I just posted an updated version of the patch on sourceforge:
> Or: The "patches" link under
> There are multiple versions of the patch on that page; please make
> sure you download the latest one (21feb2004).
> This is essentially identical to the 25 feb 2002 version, except it
> has been updated to apply against the current CVS source tree.
> Note that it is split into subpatches, some of which are
> independent.  Read the comment at the top of the patch.

Derek: Could you indeed review this patch and see wheter it can be included
or needs more work?
If needed and insofar as Matthew is not doing it, I'm volunteering to do the
additional work needed to get this patch included in the official CVS source

Paul Gelderblom.

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