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Re: CVS & a Web site

From: Chris Beggy
Subject: Re: CVS & a Web site
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 11:37:45 -0400
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Jason Purdy <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> What is a good scheme of automating synchronization between a CVS repository 
> and a Web site (or does a repository have to be separated from the Web site 
> files [besides renaming the files from the ",v" suffix])?  A co-worker & I 

The repository *must* be separate from the website and developer

> PS: Here are some of my ideas:
> 1) Create a Perl script/Cron job (run every 15 minutes) which would basically 
> 'cvs history -a -c -D "15 minutes ago"', parse that and affect the Web site 
> directories accordingly.
> 2) Create 'trigger' scripts which would be triggered when the developer 
> 'commit'ed their changes, which would also affect the changes on the Web site 
> directories.

Here are my ideas, which I stole from smart people :-) like Nik
Clayton and Phillip Greenspun.

Use Makefiles and the make utility to implement the triggering:

   make checkout     to checkout a site into a new working
   make update       to commit/update changes in a working
   make test         to put the latest version in the test site,
                     if you have one
   make production   to put the latest version in the live
                     production site

pserver commands allow for the repository, development, test and
host servers to be different, which is usually a good practice.


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