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CVS & a Web site

From: Jason Purdy
Subject: CVS & a Web site
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 16:22:28 -0400


What is a good scheme of automating synchronization between a CVS repository 
and a Web site (or does a repository have to be separated from the Web site 
files [besides renaming the files from the ",v" suffix])?  A co-worker & I 
have recently decided to work with CVS on our ever-growing Web site, and I've 
got CVS up & going, but lack an important piece of the puzzle - getting data 
out of the repository and into the Web site (hopefully in an automated 

I have a couple of ideas, but before I go down a road that's surely been 
traversed before, I'd love to get some input from the more travelled on the 
list.  I hope there's already a solution for this scenario, though I couldn't 
find anything on the Web site or in a Google search.



PS: Here are some of my ideas:

1) Create a Perl script/Cron job (run every 15 minutes) which would basically 
'cvs history -a -c -D "15 minutes ago"', parse that and affect the Web site 
directories accordingly.

2) Create 'trigger' scripts which would be triggered when the developer 
'commit'ed their changes, which would also affect the changes on the Web site 

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