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Re: [VCDImager] Newbie svcd quiestion

From: Jorgensen, Jens
Subject: Re: [VCDImager] Newbie svcd quiestion
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 14:00:47 -0600
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The SVCD spec requires that the mpeg video be exactly 480x480 resolution. No more, no less. Don't worry about the aspect ratio though--all pixels are not square and it will look just as it should. So, just scale in the width to 480 and you're good to go.

Nicolas Kral wrote:

If I have a 640 x 480 video source, what would be the optimum resolution to transfer it to SVCD in order to keep the apsect ratio consistent? Would I transfer it at 480 x 320 (padding the upper and lower portions with black), or would I stretch the video out to 480 x 480?

Many thanks,


Jens B. Jorgensen

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