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Re: How to delete file in RCS

From: Sam Lee
Subject: Re: How to delete file in RCS
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2021 02:58:29 +0000

> I'm pretty sure make was being used as an example there.  I'd bet you
> a bar of chocolate you could do the same thing with an Ant file for
> the Java case :-).  You could probably do this with a Ruby Rake file
> if you chose.

Out of curiosity, I searched for existing Apache Ant + RCS solutions,
and found these:

* "ANT and RCS" in the ant-user mailing list.
* "Ant and RCS on Solaris"
* "Using Ant with RCS version control"

I couldn't find anything for Apache Maven however.

> RCS goes back some way, and maybe something newer would suit, without
> having to take on the complexity of git.  There are a few things like
> bazaar, mercurial, subversion, CVS...

I guess I'll use the newer version control systems for larger projects
and stick to RCS only for single files.

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