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Re: How to delete file in RCS

From: Dario Niedermann
Subject: Re: How to delete file in RCS
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2021 17:04:13 +0100
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Il 05/11/2021 alle 16:15, Sam Lee ha scritto:

I have a few concerns:

- How do I deal with files that are not normally listed in makefiles? For example, some projects have README, LICENSE, and CHANGELOG files that are not normally listed in the Makefile. It seems a bit "forced" if one has to include these files in the Makefile just for RCS.

They *should* be in the Makefile, namely in the recipe that makes your software's distribution tarball.

- Isn't this excessively dependent on the Makefile? The entire history of the project relies on the Makefile as a central reference for what files are present at a given time. Furthermore, not all projects use `make`, especially those written in other programming languages such as Java or Python.

Having it all depend on the Makefile is actually a terrific feature, IMO.

Of course, the Makefile must be versioned too. So you only need to check out the revision of the Makefile for the desired version of your software:

        $ co -r1_0_RELEASE Makefile

Assuming GNU Make, revision 1_0_RELEASE of your Makefile must include that symbolic name in the $(COFLAGS) as every needed file will be checked out by `make` passing those flags to `co`. Example:


See also `info make`. `rcsfreeze` will help assign symbolic names.

I'm less competent on systems that don't use `make`, but I should think they also use some form of automation for creating the final product. That's where I would look for automating the check out as well.

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