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How to Correct this error which i got while using module in my co

From: srinivasan venkat
Subject: How to Correct this error which i got while using module in my code.
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 09:10:44 -0700 (PDT)

I was using perl module Rcs for Revision Control System.
In that i am using an method to retrive all my versions of Testcases.
my @all_testcase_versions=$rcsObj->revisions;
print "All Testcase Versions:@all_testcase_versions\n";
Output of that method is
All Testcase Versions:1.4 1.3 1.2 1.1
In that Module i was trying to get the file by giving versions as input
something as
To retrieve a specific version
my $specific_version = $rcsObj->get('1.2');
But this Functionality was not present in,so i tried to parse that using Rcs::Parser  
But in Rcs::Parser Module they were using
  my $rcs = new RCS;
  my $ret = $rcs->load($filename);
  my $specific_version = $rcs->get('1.2');
But there was no module,but they have used as 
my$rcs=new RCS;
I have changed that to 
my $rcs=new Rcs; 
in both my code and also in its file.But i am getting error as
Failed to retrieve revision info of test case - TC00631.xml due to system error: Can't locate object method "load" via package "Rcs" line 1514. 
I have also tried to use
 my $rcs = Rcs::Parser->new;
 my $ret = $rcs->load($rcstestcasename);
 my $specific_version = $rcs->get('1.2');
But i am not getting any Output.
Can you help me in identifying what this ,
my $rcs=new RCS;
Do i need to change anything in my code.
OR,is there any module to retrive my files based on my version input.
Help needed to retrive my older files based on versions as input in CVS.
My Testcase in CVS is in Xml format.
say TC00631.xml and TC00631.xml,v
cat TC00631.xml,v
@Auto checked in by Portal
My Code is
use Rcs;
#use RCS;
use Rcs::Parser;
 # create a Rcs instance for the test case's revision info
        my $rcsObj = Rcs->new;
        my $rcstestcasename=$rcsObj->file($testCaseName);
        print "FileName:$rcstestcasename\n";
        # abstract interesting revision info
     my @all_testcase_versions=$rcsObj->revisions;
     print "All Testcase Versions:@all_testcase_versions\n";
        my $rcs =  
        my $ret = $rcs->load($rcstestcasename);
        my $specific_version = $rcs->get('1.2');
        print "1.2version:$specific_version\n";
    }; # end of eval
Can you help in this regard.

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