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Out of memory from W2K DOS prompt

From: Simcik, Mark
Subject: Out of memory from W2K DOS prompt
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 14:37:13 -0400



We are running RCS version 5.7 for Windows.


When trying to run  ci “filename”  from the Windows 2000 DOS prompt on files approximately 20 MB or above, ci reports:


ci: out of memory

ci aborted


The file had an archive previously setup with: rcs –t-“filename” –kb –i “filename” in an RCS subdirectory.


I have tried the obvious solution of opening a Windows session with a minimum of applications open to no avail.  My machine has 384MB of main memory installed with over 240MB available.  We have successfully used RCS with files of approximately 16MB elsewhere in this project.


Thank you,

Mark Simcik
Verification Test Engineer

Goodrich Pump & Engine Control Systems
Charter Oaks Boulevard
P.O. Box 330651
West Hartford, CT  06133-0651

Phone: 860.236.0651 x2375

Email: address@hidden


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