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Re: How to Correct this error which i got while using module in m

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: How to Correct this error which i got while using module in my code.
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 20:29:28 -0600
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srinivasan venkat wrote:
> My purpose is to build filter based on versions of the file.
> ie I would display all versions in the drop down menu.

That menu could get pretty long.  I have files with thousands of
revisions logged.

> Based on user selection of the version number from dropdown menu ,i
> will display corresponding file of that version selected.

Okay.  Sounds good so far.

> When i retrive version using co -r1.42 SOMEFILE,in multi user environment.
> Say file having 1.4 as latest version.When one user select 1.2
> version which retrives him 1.2 version.But for the other user who
> logs in other browser ie different machine.For other user,i should
> retrive him the latest ie 1.4.But it is displaying older 1.2
> version for him also.Currently we have not tied our code with user
> name.
> So i am looking for any other command rather than using co command
> .That is the reason where i specified i dont want to use co
> command.No other reason apart from that.

Uhm...  You would really need to keep those separate.  Work in
separate directories or some other technique.

In this case I would probably keep the head of the trunk in the
current directory and check out to standard output the specially
selected version.  Use the -p option for that as I suggested in my
previous message.

> > co -r1.42 -p SOMEFILE > SOMEFILE-1.42

I probably would not actually save the output to a file.  I would
probably just keep it in program memory or in a private temporary
file.  But I would use co to check out the file.  That is the tool
that is designed to do this operation.

> Is there any command to retrive always latest verisions,or any
> command where can i first do checkout(co) operation,then copy that
> to other file in an location and do cancel checkout.Will this work
> out in multiuser environment.Or any other way to implement my
> conditions.I need help in this regard.

Use 'co -p' and put the output anyplace that you prefer.

Good Luck!

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