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Newbie question: plotting boxerrorbars with user-defined linestyle

From: Thomas Halva Labella
Subject: Newbie question: plotting boxerrorbars with user-defined linestyle
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 12:18:46 +0100
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I had to plot some data using boxerrorbars style. I didn't manage to do it using plot() (and I had few time to try hard), so I did it with:

   gplot my_data with boxerrorbars

my_data has five columns, for x,y, low and high value for errorbars and boxwidth.

Then I had to change the thickness of the line in the plot. First I gave the command

   gset linestyle 1 linetype 1 linewidth 3

and then I discovered that Octave doesn't accept the command

   gplot my_data with boxerrorbars linestyle 1

I read on the mailing list archive that there it is not planned to modify this beahviour. If this is still valid I have the following questions:

- how do I plot boxerrorbars with plot()? Commands like "plot(my_data,"#~")", plot(my_data(:,1),my_data(:,2:5),"#~")" or "plot(my_data(:,1),my_data(:,2),my_data(:,3),my_data(:,4),my_data(:,5),"#~")" don't work, Octave tells me "error: invalid number of data columns = 2 specified for plot style `boxerrorbars'".

- how can I use my own linestyles with plot()?

Thanks a lot!

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