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Building Octave on solaris2.8

From: Kiran Kumar Sagi
Subject: Building Octave on solaris2.8
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 14:20:00 -0500 (EST)


  I am trying to build octave on a solaris machine.I downloaded
  the source from the octave web site.
  configured by typing ./configure and then typed make.

  source: octave-2.0.16.tar
  OS    : solaris2.8 (sun sparc machine)
  make  : make-3.79
  g++   : 2.95.3

  I must have been doing something wrong or missing some libraries.
  build breaks during linking with the below message(first few lines).
  Sugestions as to whats going wrong will be appreciated.


c++: unrecognized option `-rdynamic'
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
Matrix::fourier(void) const         fft.o
Vprogram_invocation_name            octave.o
besselk(Matrix const &, complex<double> const &, bool, Array2<int>
bessely(double, complex<double> const &, bool, int &)besselj.o
Fgetppid(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
Ffseek(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
Fgetegid(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
Fdiag(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
Fumask(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
Array<octave_value>::resize(int)    dassl.o
Fprod(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
Fgetuid(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
besselj(Matrix const &, complex<double> const &, bool, Array2<int>
Foctave_config_info(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
octave_value_list::elem(int) const  balance.o
Matrix::row_min(void) const         minmax.o
Fcompletion_matches(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
Fload(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
curr_fcn_file_full_name             octave.o
Ffread(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
ComplexCHOL::init(ComplexMatrix const &)chol.o
MArray<complex<double> > operator/<complex<double>
>(MArray<complex<double> > const &, complex<double> const &)filter.o
Array<octave_value>::Array(int, octave_value const &)balance.o
Fatan2(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
Fisnumeric(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
betainc(double, double, Matrix const &)betainc.o
LSODE_options::step_limit(void)     lsode.o
Fhold(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
betainc(double, double, double)     betainc.o
ComplexMatrix::ifourier(void) const ifft.o
DefQuad virtual table               quad.o
Quad virtual table                  quad.o
is_valid_function(octave_value const &, basic_string<char,
string_char_traits<char>, __default_alloc_template<false, 0> > const &,
octave_value::octave_value(Octave_map const &)getgrent.o
Fusleep(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
besseli(double, complex<double> const &, bool, int &)besselj.o
install_builtin_function(builtin_function const &)builtins.o
Array<complex<double> >::fortran_vec(void)filter.o
MArray<double> operator*<double>(double const &, MArray<double> const
DASSL_options::init(void)           dassl.o
Fsource(octave_value_list const &, int)builtins.o
Matrix::pseudo_inverse(double)      pinv.o
dgenunf_                            rand.o

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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