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comparison operators

From: Fabian Alvarez
Subject: comparison operators
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 15:26:30 +0100


sorry if this is a to stupid question, but I read the manual and 
played around a long time and I can't find if the result I get is a 
bug or a feature :)  

for any vector, i.e.:

octave:1> a = rand (1,5)
a =
  0.14714  0.46226  0.85053  0.59390  0.47820
octave:2> a ( a < 0.8 )
ans =
  0.14714  0.46226  0.59390  0.47820

which seems great, but checking against a value which is greater or 
lower than all the elements of the vector gives this result:

octave:3> a ( a < 0.9 )
ans =
  0.14714  0.14714  0.14714  0.14714  0.14714
octave:4> a ( a > 0.1 )
ans =
  0.14714  0.14714  0.14714  0.14714  0.14714                         
I checked for several examples, and it always results in the first 
value of  'a' repeated along the whole vector.

nevertheless, I think that the correct result should be the original 
vector 'a' with its five different components.

any insight on this problem?

thank you very much,


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