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gplot difficulty: Work-around

From: Daniel Friedman
Subject: gplot difficulty: Work-around
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 19:24:02 -0400

Sorry to answer my own post; I hope this work-around is useful.

Earlier today I posted a question, which can be summarized as:
   Why doesn't gplot support the linetype option in this command:
     gplot dat1 with linespoints linetype 3  

Well, I searched the 1998 help-octave list before my posting, and found
nothing to help (hence the post).  Later I found JWE's comments
of 23 months ago (Nov-19-1996, help-octave/1996/301) and 11 months ago
(Nov-10-1997, help-octave/1997/597).  In the earlier of these two, JWE
states Octave "parse[s] the complete gplot command, and performs the
appropriate variable substitutions."

This remark prompted some experimenation, yielding the following
makeshift work-around:

        dat1 = [ 1, 2; 2, 3; 3, 4; 4, 5 ] ;
        ltnum = 2;
        ptnum = 3;
        gplot dat1 with linespoints ltnum ptnum ;

Omitting ptnum works, but you need ltnum if you want a specific point type.
Not so elegant, but it allows me to do what I'd sought.


 Daniel Friedman    address@hidden

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