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gplot difficulty

From: Daniel Friedman
Subject: gplot difficulty
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 16:43:24 -0400

I'm running Octave 2.0.13 and gnuplot with this version info:
        Linux version 3.5 (pre 3.6)
        patchlevel beta 340
        last modified Tue Nov 25 22:57:44 GMT 1997

My OS is Linux, kernel version 2.0.13.

Here's my difficulty with gplot:

octave:1> dat1 = [ 1,2; 2,3; 3,4; 4,5];
octave:2> gplot dat1 with linespoints           
        (--This works just fine.--)
octave:3> gplot dat1 with linespoints linetype 3
error: `linetype' undefined near line 3 column 29
error: evaluating expression near line 3, column 29
error: evaluating plot style command

Now, if I store dat1 in dat1.dat, then the statement which failed in
Octave succeeds in gnuplot:

gnuplot> plot "dat1.dat" with linespoints linetype 3

So what am I doing incorrectly in Octave?  This would seem simple but
I'm afraid I'm stumped.

Many thanks for any tips,

 Daniel Friedman    address@hidden

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