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Re: neural networks

From: Michel de Bollivier
Subject: Re: neural networks
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 23:42:26 +0100

Daniel Heiserer wrote:

> Hi,
> is there something like a "neural network toolbox" available under
> octave?
> Has anybody experience with NN's?
> What about serious literature (What's the Bible)?


You could try the books : (1) Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks,
Cambridge, by Ripley or  (2) Neural networks for Pattern Recognition,
Oxford, by Bishop or (3) Introduction to the Theory of Neural
Computation, Redwood, by Hertz . You will find inside interesting
references. If you just want a paper, try one of the papers of Ripley,
for instance : Statistical aspects of neural networks. In Networks and
Chaos-Statistical and Probabilistic Aspects, eds O.E. Barndorff-Nielsen,
pp 40-123, Chapman & Hall, 1993.

For a toolbox, try the one made at the University of Aston, UK, (I do
not remember the right adress). It is written for matlab 5.


Michel de Bollivier

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