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text command in octave ??

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: text command in octave ??
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 01:27:29 -0500 (CDT)

On 14-May-1998, Peter Biechele <address@hidden> wrote:

| 1) Is there a text command in octave resembling the text coammand from
| Matlab 5 ?? Because there is a set label command in Gnuplot, it shouldn´t
| be too difficult to implement the text command ??!!

Here's a start.

  function text (x, y, s)

    ## It seems newline characters cause trouble for gnuplot, so we're
    ## going to remove them.

    s = strrep (s, "\n", " ");

    eval (sprintf ("gset label \"%s\" at %g,%g", s, x, y));


Changes for better error checking, handling x-y-z coordinates for 3D
plots, etc. would be welcome.

| 2) in Matlab 5, they changed the clg command to clf! What is an easy way
| to get Matlab 5 compatability ??

I don't use Matlab, so it would help if you provided more details
explaining exactly what the compatibility issues are.  Or maybe you
should complain to the MathWorks about breaking backward compatibility
for you.

| 3) hist function: In Matlab 5 the hist function used with one output
| argument returns only the values of the bins, not the centers. In Octave,
| you have to use two output arguments, always !!! 
| REMARK: This is just for reference, I think  the ocatve way of doing it,
| is much better. But maybe you want to include this remark for
| compatibility reasons !!

That's easy enough to fix, so I will do it for the next release.  Now
would someone like to fix the hist function so that it can handle
matrix arguments too?

| 4) There are two other differences between Matlab 5 Plotting and Octave:
|       In Matlab it doesn´t matter, if the xlabel, title ... commands are
| given before or after the actual plot command. In Octave the plot command
| has to be the last one.

Try setting the automatic_replot variable to 1.

| In subsequent calls to the plot command (using
| subplots) the axis command turns autoscaling off, if a plotting range was
| specified for the first plot. In Matlab 5 the autoscaling is turned on
| again, for each subplot.  Maybe it would be a good idea to reset ALL the
| gnuplot "set" commands (such as xlabel, ylabel..) , so that e.g. there are
| no xlabels previously defined, appearing in a new plot. 

Please suggest a patch that will work reliably, and I will consider
the changes.

| 5) There is no errorbar() plotting function, although Gnuplot does support
| errorbar plotting ! 

Consider writing one and contributing it!

| REMARK: Octave is a GREAT and USEFUL program.

Thanks.  I think it would be more useful if more people would
contribute more.  If only a small fraction of the people interested in
hacking on the Linux kernel were instead interested in working on
improving Octave, it might have a lot more features.

| We enjoy it very much and we don´t want to criticize the Octave
| project. We just want to mention some differences betweeen Matlab 5
| and Octave, so everybody can easily switch over to Octave !!!

If you actually switch, compatibility tends to become less important!  :-)

| Because we use Matlab for many lectures and courses, we would like to have
| almost full compatability of Octave with Matlab 5.

Gag.  Do you really want bug-for-bug compatibility?


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