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symbolic math in octave

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: symbolic math in octave
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 16:22:48 +0200

I am a novice user of octave, but I am known to matlab for a pretty long
time now. What is about the matlab Toolboxes, are there some equivalents
in octave or are some of them already implemented?
What is about SYMBOLIC-Math equivalent to matlab's Toolbox are there any
chances to include that crap soon??

Thanks for your help all the time. Yours

mfg                                 Daniel Heiserer
Daniel Heiserer, BMW AG, Knorrstrasse 147, 80788 Muenchen
Abteilung EK-20
Tel.: 089-382-21187, Fax.: 089-382-42820

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