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text command in octave ??

From: Peter Biechele
Subject: text command in octave ??
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 11:57:55 +0200 (MESZ)

We have several questions:

1) Is there a text command in octave resembling the text coammand from
Matlab 5 ?? Because there is a set label command in Gnuplot, it shouldn´t
be too difficult to implement the text command ??!!

2) in Matlab 5, they changed the clg command to clf! What is an easy way
to get Matlab 5 compatability ??

3) hist function: In Matlab 5 the hist function used with one output
argument returns only the values of the bins, not the centers. In Octave,
you have to use two output arguments, always !!! 
REMARK: This is just for reference, I think  the ocatve way of doing it,
is much better. But maybe you want to include this remark for
compatibility reasons !!

4) There are two other differences between Matlab 5 Plotting and Octave:
        In Matlab it doesn´t matter, if the xlabel, title ... commands are
given before or after the actual plot command. In Octave the plot command
has to be the last one. In subsequent calls to the plot command (using
subplots) the axis command turns autoscaling off, if a plotting range was
specified for the first plot. In Matlab 5 the autoscaling is turned on
again, for each subplot.  Maybe it would be a good idea to reset ALL the
gnuplot "set" commands (such as xlabel, ylabel..) , so that e.g. there are
no xlabels previously defined, appearing in a new plot. 

5) There is no errorbar() plotting function, although Gnuplot does support
errorbar plotting ! 

REMARK: Octave is a GREAT and USEFUL program. We enjoy it very much and we
don´t want to criticize the Octave project. We just want to mention some
differences betweeen Matlab 5 and Octave, so everybody can easily switch
over to Octave !!! 

Because we use Matlab for many lectures and courses, we would like to have
almost full compatability of Octave with Matlab 5. It would make it much
easier to write programs for students and lectures. The aim would be to
switch over to Octave and refuse to use Matlab !!!! (But therefore we have
convince the VIP´s responsible for the decisions, which software has to be

MfG Peter Biechele

Dipl. Phys. Peter Biechele, Uni Freiburg, Fakultaet fuer Physik, Abt. Honerkamp,
Tel. (0761) 203-5875,  EMail: address@hidden
FAX: (0761) 203-5967, WWW:
Privat: Stefan-Meier-Str. 86, 79104 Freiburg, 0761 / 50 87 20

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