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RE: HELP: plotting under windows NT

From: Lance McBride
Subject: RE: HELP: plotting under windows NT
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 19:09:41 -0700

> You mean that it doesn't respond to mouse events?  Mumit's README file
> says:
>   What's broken?
>     [Event handling]
>       No events are handled since gnuplot is always waiting
> for data on
>       stdin. Under X, this is easy to handle (simply wait on stdin and
>       X connection), but I have no idea how to do this in
> Win32. You'll
>       have to replot to refresh, and to bring the window back to top,
>       you'll have to close and reopen. Yuk!
>     [HELP command]
>       Borland's help compiler can't grok the file supplied.
> Probably has
>       never worked.
> You should still be able to put labels on the plots using commands
> from Octave:
>   gset title "my plot";
>   gset xlabel "x"
>   gset ylabel "y"
>   replot
> etc.
> jwe

Thank you very much John.  Everything works great now. I was typing:

title "my plot";
ylabel "my plot";
xlabel "my plot";

I will let you know if I find any bugs, since I am a non-financially-endowed
non-programming type.

Lance McBride
Electrical Engineer
Optivus Technology, Inc.
(909) 799-8300

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