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Re: [help-gv] view two pages?

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [help-gv] view two pages?
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 20:58:35 +0200

    > > There I do not know, but perhaps Jose (Marchesi, address@hidden, the gv
    > > maintainer) can help.
    > ok, so I'm waiting for hints :)
    > >     Would you accept a patch later for that?
    ok.. after tinkering with the code for few hours I understood why this
    feature has not been added. Adding it is very difficult, beacuse of the
    design :(

Both the design and the implementation of gv are old. It is almost a
"pure" X application. The set of widgets Xaw provides are quite
simple, and for use it you need to talk with the xt libs directly.
    There is one global variable "page".
    1. I tried to add another global variable "page2", but how to tell the
    widgets to place it in correct place, and the interpreter to render it...
    I could not find out.

The widgets placement (geometry manager) is controlled using a rather
exotic language interpreted by the xaw library. The programs written
in that languages are stored in X resources. For example (from


Another example is the $prefix/lib/gv_spartan.dat file, that contain
the layout of widgets used when using the --spartan command line
option. You could change the placement of the widgets without the need
of recompile gv changing the GV*control.layout resources and launching
the application again.

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