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dual boot Windows - Linux

From: Hermes Brandt
Subject: dual boot Windows - Linux
Date: Sat, 4 May 2019 20:37:52 +0200

I have three hard discs in my pc. One of them is exclusively for Windows
and another only for Linux (Fedora). I had it working very well, with a
dual boot that I controlled by entering the start set-up and then the boot
configuration. There I could choose the boot priorities for those two

Recently my Windows 10 crashed, forcing me to reinstall windows. I had to
format that drive in order to have a clean start. Windows 10 works very
well now, but when I enter the start set-up and change the boot
configuration to prioritize the disc with Linux, it has no effect and
Windows starts up anyway. The only way for me to work with Linux is to
physically disconnect the drive with Windows.

That being a bit cumbersome, I would like to restore a dual boot. I don’t
remember how I did it the first time, unfortunately.

Windows has divided the disc (called Disc 0) in four parts:

(1)    Recovery, 450 MB NTFS OEM-partition

(2)    100 MB EFI System partition

(3)    231,52 GB NTFS primary partition

(4)    826 MB NTFS OEM-partition

Is it possible to install NGU GRUB from Windows in this configuration?
Hermes Brandt
The Netherlands

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