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Re: dual boot Windows - Linux

From: Randy Goldenberg
Subject: Re: dual boot Windows - Linux
Date: Sun, 5 May 2019 08:06:23 -0700
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I should add that you will not be able to use grub for dualbooting *unless* you modify or re-install one of the OSes, so that it boots using the same process as the other. On Sunday May 05, 2019, Randy Goldenberg wrote:

Thank you for the information.

Your Linux installation boots legacy BIOS, while your new Windows installation boots UEFI. That being the case, you will not be able to use grub for dualbooting.



On Sunday May 05, 2019, Hermes Brandt wrote:

 one more thing, when, in the /sys/firmware directory, I run the "ls -a"
 command, I get " .  ..  acpi  dmi  memmap".  I don' t know if that is
 useful for you in this case.
 Hermes Brandt
 The Netherlands
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 It is always possible."
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 On Sat, May 4, 2019 at 11:32 PM Randy Goldenberg
 <address@hidden> wrote:


   When running Linux, is there a directory "efi" in /sys/firmware?



   On Saturday May 04, 2019, Hermes Brandt wrote:

   >Windows has divided the disc (called Disc 0) in four parts:
   >(1)    Recovery, 450 MB NTFS OEM-partition
   >(2)    100 MB EFI System partition
   >(3)    231,52 GB NTFS primary partition
   >(4)    826 MB NTFS OEM-partition
   >Is it possible to install NGU GRUB from Windows in this configuration?
   >Hermes Brandt
   >The Netherlands
   >Help-grub mailing list


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