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Re: chainloading harddisk at HighPoint controller with Windows

From: Xen
Subject: Re: chainloading harddisk at HighPoint controller with Windows
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2017 10:12:39 +0100
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Xen schreef op 06-01-2017 9:00:

So the question is how can I chainload this device
without the (Windows bootloader) instantly rebooting my computer?

Problem solved. The "ntldr /bootmgr" command that I found in the documentation did the trick just fine.

So I guess it is just writing a 40_custom file and disabling the OS prober as detailed somewhere.

I prefer to have custom or handwritten menus anyway :).

Thank god -- this motherboard does not have a boot menu you can open at a keypress, but requires setting the boot device in a fixed way. Because USB sticks (and the like) are really just harddisks to the BIOS all of the ancient options such as USB-FDD also have no benefit. Now at least I can set at my first boot device whatever Grub USB disk or equivalent that I want.

I was also looking into using NeoGrub from within Windows, it seems to be equally as simple. And would have allowed booting Linux from Within the Windows boot menu, but I guess I like it the other way around, and have my "Linux boot disk" as the primary disk in the BIOS.


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