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UEFI-PXE boot to grub2 with BIOS configured VLAN tagging?

From: Christian Rohmann
Subject: UEFI-PXE boot to grub2 with BIOS configured VLAN tagging?
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2017 14:25:43 +0100
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Hello help-grub,

I am attempting to PXE boot a HP DL380 Gen9 server using UEFI PXE with a VLAN tag configured in the BIOS. In this care the connection goes via the machines 10Gig NICs.

The DHCP request and resulting TFTP download works fine (using tagged frames in the configured VLAN). But then, after 1 to 3 minutes, grub2efi crashes to the rescue shell throwing: "timeout cannot resolve hardware address" not downloading or even showing the menu.

net_ls_cards and net_ls_addr reports the network cards and the IP address received via DHCP. I can even remove and re-add the IP address. But apparently where is nothing regarding the VLAN. Is this part transparent to Grub and handled in the UEFI or is this kind of setup just not currently supported?



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