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chainloading harddisk at HighPoint controller with Windows

From: Xen
Subject: chainloading harddisk at HighPoint controller with Windows
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2017 09:00:03 +0100
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I am wondering, if I may.

I am testing bootability of a Windows 10 installation.

The card the disk is attached to is a HighPoint RocketRaid 2310. I believe this is a "firmware RAID" card but drivers may not be directly available in Linux.

Regardless that seems pretty irrelevant but I'm not sure.

GRUB sees the disk as (hd1) while the device I am using for the Grub loader is (hd0). That means my menu is also on (hd1) and Linux boots just fine, no issue whatsoever, probably because the disk is simply seen as a regular sdX.

But after booting the boot-stick (hd0) is now /dev/sdb, and the harddisk (hd1) is now /dev/sdc.

I have no clue how to approach this yet but Windows will not boot off chainloading.

Update-grub will give it the wrong numbers (hd2, hd1) but after fixing it in the edit window in Grub while booting, I get instant REBOOTS when selecting to boot that Windows menu entry.

Basically according to grub, my disk is at (hd1) and the map command would map it to (hd0) for Windows to have.

Windows probably sees the disk as a JBOD RAID device (HPT DISK 0_0 SCSI Disk Device). So the question is how can I chainload this device without the (Windows bootloader) instantly rebooting my computer?



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