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Re: Disabling UUID in grub-mkconfig_lib

From: Carl Turney
Subject: Re: Disabling UUID in grub-mkconfig_lib
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2014 22:54:44 +1000
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Hello All,

4 days (below) and no one has posted any reply.

Have I done or said anything wrong?

Was my question incorrectly formatted?

Have I posted my question to the wrong email list?

Thanks for any guidance.


Carl Turney
Melbourne, Australia

On 08/09/14 12:07, Carl Turney wrote:
Hello, and thanks in advance,


Although I have done some programming (only part-time, long ago, and in
obsolete languages)... Currently I'm just a busy user (NOT an IT
technician) and don't have the time to fully learn/understand all the
concepts in "the GNU GRUB manual".

Anyone generous enough to just answer my question (below), with a bare
minimum of assumptions and background explanation?  Thank you VERY much.
  It's GREATLY appreciated.

For many years my single-disk stand-alone Ubuntu 10.4 worked =fine=,
after I've tweaked it to identify hard disk drives by device specs
(/dev/sda#), instead of by UUID.  (Could go into an explanation of why,
but it's solid and this email is too long already.)

Now installing latest Mint on a new box, and dusting off my old "disable
UUID" configuration notes-to-self.

I am still fine with making all the necessary relevant edits to:
... and then running update-grub2


BUT: I'm rusty, and really need some help on =exactly= what lines to
comment out of (or edit within)...
     and (?)
... to identify drives by device specs instead of UUID.

These files are 9.8kB, were created 11 Apr 2014 at 20:51 EST, and came
with the Mint 17 install ISO.

My best guesses are, on each of the above two files:

   Comment out the section on GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK (am not using)

   Comment out:
     the two lines starting with   if fs_uuid=
     their then lines (and the subsequent then code),
     their else lines (but NOT the subsequent code),
     and their fi lines.

Correct guesses?

Notes:  Will do this on a "scratch monkey" at first.  All data very well
backed up, and off-site.

Help.  Thanks!

Carl Turney
Melbourne, Australia

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