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Re: Disabling UUID in grub-mkconfig_lib

From: Richard Owlett
Subject: Re: Disabling UUID in grub-mkconfig_lib
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2014 11:42:41 -0500
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Carl Turney wrote:
Hello All,

4 days (below) and no one has posted any reply.
Have I done or said anything wrong?

You may have been too optimistic. This group is relatively quiet, ~3 posts/day.

Was my question incorrectly formatted?
Have I posted my question to the wrong email list?
Thanks for any guidance.

Taking your last question first, a distribution specific forum may be more responsive. In answer to one of my questions here I was told that some distributions (e.g. Debian Squeeze) customize Grub. Also the version of Grub in any distribution is somewhat older than what the developers are working on at the current moment.

As to question format, I'll pass on advice I've received:
1. Specify distribution exactly, including major AND minor revision levels.
2. Specify exactly which version of Grub.
3. Define your problem, *NOT* your proposed solution.
This would be particularly important in this case [and especially on this list] as
   the use of UUID is a design feature of current Grub.

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