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Re: Why should we must keep current mode when setup GOP?

From: Andrey Borzenkov
Subject: Re: Why should we must keep current mode when setup GOP?
Date: Thu, 23 May 2013 06:43:07 +0400

В Tue, 21 May 2013 09:46:55 +0800
Yang Bai <address@hidden> пишет:

> Hi there,
> When dealing with resolution on lenovo thinkpad, we found that the default
> resolution of GRUB is different when set CSM to Yes or No in BIOS. (GRUB
> has set gfxmode=auto). After digging into the code, we found such code in
> grub-core/video/efi_gop.c:
> 380:   /* keep current mode if possible */
> <snip>
> But when CSM to Yes or No, the GOP protocol has been initialized to
> different resolution. So if we keep current mode, the default resolution
> will be different if CSM setting is different.
> My question is that why we keep current mode if possible but not always
> iterate through all modes supported and find the best one.

That's exactly what grub2 does.

>                        Could we custom
> grub code to ignore the keeping action? or should we add a new gfxmode
> value such as best to ignore the keep code?
> P.S. please do not forget to CC to me when replying since I do not
> subscribe to this mailing list.
> Thanks,
> Yang

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