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Why should we must keep current mode when setup GOP?

From: Yang Bai
Subject: Why should we must keep current mode when setup GOP?
Date: Tue, 21 May 2013 09:46:55 +0800

Hi there,

When dealing with resolution on lenovo thinkpad, we found that the default resolution of GRUB is different when set CSM to Yes or No in BIOS. (GRUB has set gfxmode=auto). After digging into the code, we found such code in grub-core/video/efi_gop.c:

380:   /* keep current mode if possible */

But when CSM to Yes or No, the GOP protocol has been initialized to different resolution. So if we keep current mode, the default resolution will be different if CSM setting is different.

My question is that why we keep current mode if possible but not always iterate through all modes supported and find the best one. Could we custom grub code to ignore the keeping action? or should we add a new gfxmode value such as best to ignore the keep code?

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